Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Called 2 Action Take 1

The January 28 Called 2 Action radio program is intended to address the issue of minority communities selling themselves to those in power and not receive anything of long standing benefit to the community, thus the title, Does the Minority Community Prostitute Itself?

I will start with a hypothesis based on an article that appeared in an AP article and was cited in our local newspaper………

Establish the Problem

1) Is this (article) symptomatic of what’s happening in our community?
(Guest should site specific instances beyond the ones cited below)
  • Politicians will be coming into our community shortly asking for our votes.
  • 579 political dynamics that occurred.
  • Power structure going to church leaders to get things from our community.
  • Media coming to us for negative stories, just to get you pix in the newspaper.
  • High cost of certain services, but we never get those companies to return sizeable investment in community, i.e. build fire house in our community. We need a building that can accommodate $5,000 people in our community, why aren’t we getting this from the Verizon’s of the world.
  • Why settle for a bone, when we can own the chicken coupe?
What causes the Problem?

1) Why Do We allow it to happen or why hasn’t it happen?

Our roads are still the poorest. Our lights are still the poorest. Still lowest paying jobs.

2) What are the personal forces at play when this happens?
3) Who is to Blame?
  • What is the role of leaders in the community in addressing this problem.
  • What is the role of the follower?
  • What is the role of the community?
4) Why aren’t we expecting long term gains?
  • Are we visionless, or is the minority communities actions a part of a bigger plan, yet to be unveiled?
  • Are we only concerned with personalized self gain?
  • Do we have an over burden selfish desire to be highly regarded regardless the cost?
5) Is Willie Lynch at play here?

Solutions to Problems?

What are solutions to the problem?

Individual Call To Action

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Fanfare For Change In Form Of Government

Fanfare For Change In Form Of Government

You would have thought, or maybe I should say, I would have thought, with all the fanfare for a change in Government in Wicomico County that we would have had several announced candidates for the post of County Executive by now. As of today, we do not have anyone who has officially filed.

One fellow filed his candidacy for the position a few months back, and then decided two weeks ago that he wanted to spend more time with his family, therefore he withdrew his candidacy. Word has it that some dirt was getting ready to be published on him, and that’s when he decided to spend more time with his family.

Families are nice to have, aren’t they?

The Desire of Ages

The Desire of Ages

He remains the desire of the ages. All humanity is centered around him. He has nullified the sin that has marred God’s perfect work. There is nothing, save the selfish heart of man, that lives unto itself. No bird that cleaves the air, no animal that moves upon the ground, but minister to some other life.

Radio Talk Program for The Minority Community

One Saturday, January 28th the radio program entitled Called 2 Action will be aired on WJDY at 10:00am. The program will be aired every Saturday. I will host the program. David Miller will be my on air assistant. The program is intended to address community issues that affect our minority communities. The program will have live guest national, statewide and local. As a result of this program the listeners will better understand issues that affect them and what they can do to address the program, thus the name Called 2 Action. You may also call into the show to offer your opinion.

A community cannot effectively prosper and progress in this age without a communication medium that addresses issues and solutions to those issues.

If there is a show topic you'd like to hear and someone you know that can talk about the subject matter, respond to me by offering comments in the comment section of this posting.