Sunday, May 20, 2007

"Fight The Power...Company"?

John Allen, Vice President of Delmarva Power - the premier Power Company in the Del Mar Va area, joined me this week on Called2Action. I wanted to talk to John to have him address the high rate of our electric bills. Though John explained the difference roles at play -- the distributors and suppliers --- the bottom line is the same --- our electric bills are higher. Within the last year our electric bills have increased by 70% or better. John shared with us that electric rates have been frozen for a while, and the higher rates are now enabling Delmarva Power to function in a manner that's consistent with existing expenses. He also share that there have been six companies approved in Maryland by the Public Service Commission to provide power in this area. Interested persons should contact the Public Service Commission to find out more about how they can go about signing up for another power sources.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Upcoming Called2Action Program

Tonight's Program ----- A Tribute to Mothers with Councilwoman Shanie Shields and Alethia Nichols (joining us from Detroit Michigan)
Next Week ---- Delmarva's Power Company's Vice President --- John
Allen (scheduled)
Memorial Day Week End---- A Tribute to Our Soldiers - Tom Kimball Maryland State Commander of the Veteran's of Foreign Wars (Previously Taped)
First Sunday In June ------ The Historical and Contemporary Implications of Juneteeth with Kimberly Dumpson, Esq.
Second Sunday in June ---- Have We Allowed the Church to Emprison or Empower Us As We Work towards Justice in the Social, Political and Economic Order of Things? This will not be a philosophical middle of the road discussion. It will however be thought provoking.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Strenthening Our Community: A Charter School Approach

Ordinarily I take these pixs with my high priced Canon camera, after before or during each radio program. However, on this program that dealt with Strenthening our Community: A Charter School approach, I used by cell phone to take pixs. In looking at the pix's quality I was pleasantly surprised. Anybody want to buy a high priced camera?

Now for the subject at hand. My guests this week were Rev. Julius Thompson, and Dr. Bess McAllister. These folks are spearheading starting a charter school in Somerset County Maryland. They are in the process of appealing a rejection to a request to start a charter school. The intent of this school is to offer an alternative to the public school system. A system in which our young children are behind in every educational aspect. Currently there are 23 charter schools in Maryland, with 10 additional prospective schools, (source of this information is the State Board of Education's Website). None on Maryland's Eastern Shore. On the program we defined what a charter school is, the process for becoming a charter school, and the challenges from Boards of Education and "our people" in trying to get it going. An interesting program. Stay tuned.
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