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Radio Program Schedule Sundays at 8:00pm on MAGIC 98.9

- Sunday December 17, 2007 ------- The Hispanic Community ----- Guest Jackie Sanchez
- Sunday December 24, 2006------- The Station Plays Christmas Music
- Sunday December 31, 2006------- Best of Called2Action ---- This show is a repeat of two
shows that were done ealier this year. Many calls and community comments were generated as result of these two programs. I've regarded these programs as two of the most popular
programs. The title of the programs, Why Black Men Do Not Go To Church. The foremost
expert in the world on this topic joins me on this show --- Dr. J. Kunjufu, author of the book, Adam where are you, Why Black Men Don't Go To Church, and many other books; also joining me were four young men who find the church as challenging. They are very candid in their comments about the church; also joining are two ministers that are leaders in their churches to discuss how they plan to address the charges made by the men.

Sweet to Your Tongue, But Bitter to Your Belly

Why in the cause of goodness do we refer to ourselves by using the “N” word? Why do we refer to our women as “b_tches” and “who _ es”? Are we sick or stupid? Why would a woman associate with a man or anybody that uses these debasing terms to describe anybody? Is is because he can put a few bucks in her purse? We addressed this general concept on Called2Action on Sunday evening, (12/10/06). Former Salisburian, and now New York community activist, Adhim Deveaux was my guest.

We’ve allowed ourselves to be hood wicked into a continuing state of modern day slavery, which I professed is worst than historical slavery. Why do I make this claim that some have disagreed with me on. We are controlled at the hands of the capitalist "Godfathers" and most of u don’t realized it. In days of slavery we realized it what we were up against. We knew what kept us in an inferior position, and often times we tried to correct the situation. Today, we’ve allowed the media to perpetrate us as thugs by their repeated use of these derogatory statements, at the expense of the withholding of positive, enlightening and liberating information. But they are not only to blame, over the past generations we have welcomed this trash, i.e Curtis Mayfield’s Pusherman, which is no less demeaning than Snoop Doogys …. whatever. (I don’t know the names of these modern day venoms). We were in the dance halls twisting our "tads" to this trash. Those that did not have our best interest at heart knew where we could be found, and that we would not be contemplating any acts of personal or corporate liberation. All that stuff tasted good to us, but after shallow we realized what we had been eating, and it became bitter to our bellies.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Kimberly Oliver, National Teacher of the Year, Visits Called2Action

Kimberly Oliver

In our on air interview, Ms. Oliver mentioned the importance of individualized instructions in the classroom, realizing the potentials children and youth have far exceeds our imagination, and geniue love of each child/youth is important.

Six years ago, she was hired at a school that was on the verge of being restructured by the State of Maryland. Driven by her love for the children in her classroom, she was instrumental in inspiring the creation of several innovative programs, that amongst other things encourage parental involvement.

Jimmy Dumas Says We Must Love Each Other

Super conversation with Bro. Jimmy Dumas, Author of the book 24 Reasons Why African Americans Suffer. Brother Dumas said there are a whole lot more reasons, but they've been narrowed down over a period of time and contemplation. We covered each of the reasons briefly on the show. When asked what should the Call2Action for our brother and sisters be, it was a resounding "love". I've been hearing that work quite a bit, as a vital ingredient to progress and success amongst our people. Bro. Dumas will be invited to join us early next year to discuss the reasons of Lack of Unity and Male-Female relationships. Visit Bro. Dumas website at, or just double click on the website reference and you will be at his site.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Why Can't We Get "Our Stuff" Together?

Jimmy Dumas, graduate of Alabama A&M, former Dean of Student Affairs and Director of Development at Selma University and Author of the soon to be best seller, 24 Reasons Why African American Suffer, will be my guest this weekend on the Called2Action radio program. Why do African Americans suffer? How long does it take to break the legacy of slavery? Why are other ethnic groups including African from the continent and the Caribbean doing better than African Americans? Jimmy will anwser these questions and share with us the 24 Reasons Why African Americans Suffer. Join us on this Sunday (11/26/2006) at 8:00pm on Clear Channel's Magic 98.9.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

National Teacher of the Year On Called2Action

The National Teacher of the Year will be joining the Called2Action show on December 3, 2006. Join me at 8:00pm for a discussion with Ms. Kimberly Oliver, (visit website).

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Now That We've Voted, What Next?

The "Always Willing for The Cause", Walter Black, (inset) was my guest this week on Called2Action. Now that the election is over and some of us have voted, what do we now do? I reviewed the voter turnout percentages between Dems and Reps. around the state and focused in on the results in our area. In the African American Community, at the St. James AME Zion Church precinct, 7 out of 10 registered voter did not vote. This was the worst in the county. At the other African American precinct, Salisbury Middle School, 6 out of every 10 registered voter diceided not to vote. Typically African Americans, when we do vote, we vote Democratic. There was strong support for Democratic candidates.
Now that the election is over, we must "cash in" with those people who went into office as a result of our vote, but we must know what we want from them, first of all. What do we want? 1) African American in Policy making positions in government, 2) conducsive working atmosphere in these offices for people of different ethnic backgrounds, 3) In our police departments, Civilian Review Boards, 4) better statistics keeping in all areas, participularly in areas where African Americans are discriminated against, and posting on the internet within 30 days of statistic gathering. We must become a member of groups in our community that will be a catalyst for igniting these things. Posted by Picasa

Walter Black Leaving Clear Channel Studio

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Politics or Politriks --- My Illustrious Guests

One of the things I share with each of our guest before they go on the show is that they are not suppose to have fun, but all times that's easier said than done. In the set to your left, my guest during an airing of the show that was done on Getting Out the Vote, and Understanding the Ballot Amendment Questions, Supervisor of Elections Katrina Purnell and Community Activist Earnest Leatherbury. See write up in set below.
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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It is Politics or Politricks?

If you said politics, with a flavoring of politricks you are correct- a- mondo. It's a bit difficult to understand why it's become so nasty, so complicated, and so tricky, or maybe it's always been. Despite that, we should ---- I mean MUST, ---- vote, after carefully studying all of the candidates. Katrina Purnell, a Supervisor for the Wicomico County Board of Elections and Earnest Leatherbury, a community activist, amongst other notable positions in our community, joined me on this week's Called2Action radio program to discuss the contents of the voting ballot and to share a few get out the vote strategies being employed in the African American Community on election day.

On the ballot, there are three Maryland Constitutional Amendment Questions and one Wicomico County charter amendment question. Katrina Purnell reviewed each of these questions with us, and shared with us what each question meant, and a few political ramifications. Wow! All these questions were written by lawyers and the use of legalistic terms is everywhere, for eg. the phrase "in banc" ----. It took me to the dictionary, (before the show) and I found out it meant ...all the appeals court judges are involved in hearing a case. Politics or Politricks ----- I've got to applaud Katrina for agreeing to be on the show. Our people need to know the issues and cast an educated vote. That was the purpose of the show. Earnest shared the get out the vote strategies that will be used to aid people in getting to the polls. Very Informative show. Glad you were able to join me.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ene, Mene, Minee, Moe -- Don't Say So, On Election Day

On the first Sunday in November we will be discussing issues related to voting. There are four questions on the ballot in addition to candidates to vote for. In reviewing these questions, I would suggest you take your lawyer to the voting machines to interpret these questions for you, OR you may listen to the show this week. Katrina Purnell (member of Election Board), will simplify those questions for you. In addition we will talk about the efforts being make around the region to get out the vote --- who will be providing transportation etc. Ernest Leatherbury will also be taking to us about the get out the vote activities taking place in Wicomico County. We'll also talk about the get out the vote activities around the region. We just cannot afford to say Ene, Mene, Minee, Moe...

The Young and the Brave

These two young men were my guests this (10/29) week. Recommended to me by their principle, Lorenzo Hughes, because of their commitment to excelling. We hear much about African American males not doing well in school, these two men are examples of young men that are doing well. When I did the pre-show interview with them, several days prior to the show, I was impressed with their (GQ) dress attire and (positive) demeanor. They were both dressed in shirt and ties, and well groomed. On the show they talked about the importance of a good attitude, parental support, sports, relationships etc. They were a bit shy on the show, but they were brave. Brave young men to come on a radio show and talk about theset things. Thanks men.Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 27, 2006

Out of The Mouth of Our Youth

AJ Spencer, (left), Jaren Mitchell, (right) and Darryl Sanders, not pictured will be joining me this Sunday to discuss issues and concerns that are on the minds of our young people. They are students at Wicomico High School. Some of the things we will talk about are the attitudes required for success, life after school, life after graduation, gangs, guns and grades. Join us on Sunday at 8:00pm on Magic 98.9. Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 23, 2006

Law Enforcement and A Distrusting Community

Retired State Police Officer Bill Harden Sr. was my guest this week on the Called2Action radio program. Bill has been a state police officer for well over two decades. Minority Communities are distrusting of law enforcement officers. A number of things have contributed to this. Instances of racial profiling, instances where deadly force was used, etc. We discussed the need to have racial diversity on the police staff; when should racial profiling be used? also discussed what is racial profiling. Do police officers used common indicators before they pull a driver over, for eg. black, young, driving an expensive car. Bill discussed the difference between citizen's advisory boards, and citizen's review boards. A citizen's review board reviews police actions that involves deadly force and makes a determination about the appropriateness of using deadly force. What ever happened to our outpost police stations? The level of trust between law enforcement and our community is growing.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

24 Reasons Why African Americans Suffer?

On the Called2Action program we've been discussing some of the reasons and offering solutions to why African Americans Suffer. The reasons are cited in the book by the same name, author Jimmy Dumas. What are these reasons?

24) Fear 23) Homosexuality 22) Desire for Instant Wealth 21) Lack of Support from African American Athletes, 20) Ignorance about African American Contributions to Science and Technology, 19) Integration 18) Loss of Identity 17) Poor Health 16) Interracial Marriage 15) Insurance, 14) Lack of Business Resources, 13) lack of Investigative African American Media 12) Confusion about the Purpose of African American Fraternities and Sororities, 11) Lack of Spiritual Vision, 10) The Crisis Between Afican American Men and Women 9) the Jinx of Slavery 8) Lack of Morals, 7) Drugs, 6) Teen Pregnancy 5) Welfare, 4) Lack of Discipline, 3) Lack of Education, 2) Poor Money Management, 1) Lack of Unity.

What do you think? Is the author correct? We'll continue to discuss each of these area and talk solutions over the next few months.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Money, Money Money, How Do You Get It.

Spring Mollock made it to the studio this weekend, --- with police escort and all, only kidding. Some of Spring's thoughts --- our attitude leads to bad financial behavior --- poor financial choices, which helps to keep us in a state of surviving day to day. We must work on our financial literacy. Suggested books, Rich Dad, Poor Dad and the Millionaire Next Door. Build your credit. No credit is as bad as bad credit. Check you credit history and credit score. Credit History is free. Pay yourself weekly. Make sacrifices by not spending on things you can do without. Our problem is not how much we make, but how much we spend. Stop renting things like furniture, etc. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

On Leadership with Edward Lee

Good discussion this past week with my guest Edward Lee, the most controversial African American Leader on the Shore. We discussed a bit of Carter G. Woodson's book on the Miseducation of the Negro, and connected its conclusions with what's happening to leadership in the region. Leadership on the shore is not as strong as it needs to be for a number of different reasons. (Those reasons were cited on the program). Every Leader on the shore should be involved in an organization that moves forward an agenda to aide the African American community, i.e. being a member of the NAACP, and working with other African American leaders. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Region's Most Controversial African American Leader

This week's show (10/8/2006) guest will be the region's most controversial African American Leader, Edward Lee. The African American Pride magazine cited him as one of the 16 African American leaders on Maryland's Eastern Shore. I've placed the adjective "most controversial" before that title. We will be talking about Leadership on the "shore". Why are we not more effective in making social and political progress. Is it attributed to "leadership" or lack thereof? Can a controversial black leader accomplish anything in a conservative rural community?

I'll insert one of my top ten all time favorite books in the discussion, Carter G. Woodson's, "The Mis-Education of the Negro".

Thursday, October 05, 2006

A System of Unequal Justice

Master JoAnn Asparagus was my guest this past week on Called2Action. Master Asparagus works in the court system in Talbot County. The basis of our discussion centered around Convenant III in the book, "The Covenant with Black America". Master Asparagus cited that personal responsibility is foremost in this regard. In my our words ---- we must distinguish between what is real and what is perceived. Many times we perceive the system to be unfair. When it is unfair we must address it. We must encourage our children to pursue an education in the judicial system, and not walk away from them and increase the chances of them becoming a participant in the system. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Being Gay On Maryland's Eastern Shore

Jimy, shared with us that the gay population is growing in Salisbury community. I had no idea there was a church in Worcester County that primarily consisted of gay persons, or there is a linguistic sub culture. Jimy said so.

There is no breakdown in the family structure, as a result of the gay lifestyle, says Jimy. Him and his mate has raised a child.

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Homosexuality In the African American Community

This week's show (9/24) will address homosexuality in the African American Community.

Good Run ... Young Man

Gary "Man of the Future" Tucker, 27 years of age ran for office. His purpose ---- to bring the voice of the young to county government. Though he did not win, I wonder if his visable campaign was not a victory to young people all throughout the region. Gary has courage. Courage that is directed to build his community. Gary was my guest on this past week's Called2Action.

Gary talked about his experience, his joys and regrets. Gary alluded to the thought that he might do it again. Go Gary Go! 4 new years. 4 New Years.
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Monday, September 11, 2006

Sandra and Tracey

Sandra Martin and Councilwoman Tracy Cottman on the first night time edition of Called2Action.
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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Get Up! Stand Up! Stand Up For Your Rights!!!

Sandra Martin, former Democratic Central Committee member and Tracy Cottman, First African American female on the Pocomoke City Council were my guest on this week's Called2Action. In earlier times we weren't permitted to vote, then we were considered 3/5 of a human being, then when we were allowed to vote, there were voting impediments like poll taxes, literarcy test, etc. Today we find that our voter turnout is lowest of any minority group. The world will not stop because we do not participate, and when we don't participate, persons who may not have our best interest at heart may end up representing us on matters that effects us daily. Besides the likelihood of politicians listening to you if you have not voted is slim.

The ladies shared the political experience with the listening audience. Thanks ladies.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Walking the Political Line

Let's rally the troops to get out and make educated votes. As you may know, I have been waging a war against political complacency in the African American, (Af-Am) communities. Using the predominantly African American voting precinct in the county as an example, last election the voter turnout was at about 36%, which was relatively high, when compared to past voting patterns, (which is generally around 26%). If you compared that statistic to other non minority voting precincts in the county, it was "criminally" low. Case in point --- in one precinct the voter turnout was at 95%. On this week's radio program (Sept 10, 2006), we lay it on the line, and then we walk that line. I've encouraged the community to set as a goal a 72% voter turnout in the minority communities. I will continue to put forth that challenge. Join me on a new radio station, covering a much large audience, in the Clear Channel network. We will Walk the Political Line. Called2Action will now be covering parts of Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. See ya on the radio.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Should African Americans Pursue Receiving REPARATION?

Adhim Deveaux, defined and cited examples of Reparation for us this past week. Reparation is an act of atonement for the injustices African American, (Af-Am) experienced as slaves. Many leaders cites the inappropriateness of the government making payments to Af-Am, and therefore they disagree with the idea. However, Adhim said, (using my own words), it's not about the government making payments, and he opposed atonement in the form of money. This is completely different from what many Black leaders espouse, i.e. Juan Williams in his new
book, Enough.... Adhim suggested legislation should be passed that steers the government away from working with companies, who have not confessed and taken actions to address, their financial benefits as a result of slavery.

Adhim's Call2Action ---- 1) Let's admit slavery was a problem...
2) Have your legislature support John Conyer's Bill on Reparation, 3) Address the issue of companies in Salisbury that have benefitted from Slavery, 4) Read the book, The Debt, 5) Be educated to the plight of our people.

Books to read, Robert Greene's 48 Laws of Power; Look at the movie, (you may download off the internet, it's free) ---- --- this movie makes Farrenheit 911 look like a teaser; also read the book, What America Owes Black. Super Job Adhim. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Help Needed At Our Board of Education and Elsewhere

Mark Thompson, the African American representative on the Board of Education, shared with us this week, that under the influence of the "No Child Left Behind Law", the public school system will be sending a letter to parents that gives parents the opportunity to opt out of having their children's name, age, address and other personal information from being sent to the military. If the parents says no, then it wouldn't happen. If parents do not respond, then it will be shared with the military, (see other Board of Education members).

He also shared with us that all positions on the board is now filled, and that he can be contacted if there are questions.

On a different note, Mark shared with us that the Salvation Army has been given a bus and they are looking for a CDL driver for an hour daily. They also need some people to donate some cash to help paint the bus.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Awesome Power of the Internet

What does a talk show host do when his guest informs him that he will not be able to participate in today's show, due to health reasons, a couple hours before the show? Answer, the host fills in. That's what we did this past week. My guest was hospitalized the night before the show, and communicated to me the morning of the show about his illness --- I was glad he did, and just didn't opt not to show up. We talked about the awesome power of the internet, on the show. Why it's important for us to become familiar with it, and all the things you can do with it. Almost all public information is now on the internet. I can check on how much my friend in Alaska bought his house for. We talked about blogsites and websites and buying goods at a cheap price. All this and more we talked about. I did this show because I sense in many of us, a reluctancy to use the internet, or for that matter to even purchase a computer, to build our community. I refuse to communicate (in writing) in any other way than through e-mail. It's quicker and cheaper, and you have a permanent record of your communications. How can you blame me? Believe me when I tell you the internet will be here for a while.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Called2 Action -- New Station and New Time Slot

Beginning the second week in September 2006, the Called2Action radio program will move from WJDY-AM to Magic 98.9 FM, a station with a much larger listenership. The airing date will also change, we move from Saturday's at 9:30am to Sunday at 8:00pm. Wow, quite a challenge. Please continue to join us.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Citizen's Impression of a Political Forum

This election will test the political power of the African American community in Wicomico County, Maryland. A recent political forum sponsored by the NAACP showed some startling differences in a few of the candidates. Most of the candidates for the office of Sheriff did not believe racial profiling exist in our local community, despite the fact that the African Community does. My guest this past week was Harold Curry, a long time educator in the region. He attended the forum. He felt that many of the candidates did not address the issues squarely, though there was a candidate that stood out clearly as deserving his vote. That candidate was one of those persons that was not aware that racial profiling was an issue in the African American and Hispanic communities. This candidate's now absence from the law enforcement milieu helped him to understand why he was not aware of racial profiling. He felt the Sheriff's department has some serious problems with lack of minorities being hired, and when they are hired they quickly exit the department. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 28, 2006

Who Shot the Sheriff?

Wow! --- I had another opportunity to be the moderator of the second NAACP's Meet the Candidate Forum. I've moderated many forums over the years. This forum was the best attended --- more that 150 persons in attendance. The forum gave the African American community an opportunity to "paint a pix" of the candidates for various political offices, particularly those running for the office of Sheriff. By the way --- why don't we call this office something a bit more contemporary, i.e. County Police Department --- then you would have City Policy, County Police and State Police Offices --- what do you think.? The title of Sheriff reminds me of the days of gunfights and drinking in saloons -- i.e. Gunsmoke, The Wild Wild West. Also shouldn't this position be appointed by the Chief Elected Official in the County. Okay back to the forum. This was probably the most discerning forum I'v conducted. Lots of differences exist with those candidates running for the office of Sheriff. All, but one of these sheriffs candidates will be shot on September 12, 2006. See the article written by the local newspaper, (Article).

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Hispanic-Latino Community with Jackie Sanchez

Jackie Sanchez, a Hispanic-Latino, (Hi-La) Community Activist shared with us the dynamics that causes Hi-La to migrate to America. We discussed the difference between an immigrant with a visa, and an undocumented immigrant. I had no idea that the cost to be an immigrant with a visa, etc, cost as much as it does ($1,000 app.) and it took so long, (5 years + app.). Many times employers, despite having all the proper documentation, unknowingly hire undocumented immigrants. By the way, if you haven't picked up on it yet, the politically correct term is "undocumented immigrants", and not illegal aliens, a term once used. Hi-La have become a politically strong force, and their voices are being heard, throughout this great land of ours.

The African-Ameri
can (Af-Am) and Hispanic Communities will make a greater effort to work together. I invited Jackie to the Juneteeth festivities next year and the NAACP's Political Forum upcoming this week. September is Hi-La Heritage Month. I've extended the invitation to Jackie to have a Hi-La festival on air. Stay Tune. Thanks Jackie.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Let's Talk Hispanic Latino Issues

We revisit issues that affect the Hispanic Community on Saturday’s (7/22/06) radio show. Mrs. Jackie Sanchez will be my guest. Mrs. Sanchez is a Hispanic community activist. We will focus on ways we can bring our non-majority communities together.

An All Male--- All Minority Education Approach

Brother Adhim Deveaux took a chance this past week and was my radio guest. Adhim continues to be a brave soul, despite leaving Salisbury, Maryland. He talked about the education milieu that he is now a part of, in Mount Vernon, New York. I have heard it said so many times that the quality of our education was worsened for African Americans when integration took place. (I will make an assumption that you know all the reasons why this is purported to be the case, and not cite them in this article). If that’s the case, then the converse would be that a segregated approach would be more effective.

Adhim and I talked about this general topic a bit on the program. He teaches at an all boy school, in which African American and Hispanics are students. The school does not purposely segregate, (of course not). It incorporates the ethnicity of the school’s students. Persons of other races opt not to enroll. (Isn’t that amazing?). The approach increases one’s self image, self worth etc., thus doing better in school. There are teachers who care about and can relate to the students. The outcomes are still being tallied. When completed Adhim will share them with us. I will post an audio portion of my interview with Adhim this weekend, on this blogsite. You will be able to hear the interview.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Are Segregated Schools Better For Us?

Saturday's (7/15) radio show will feature one of our old collegues --- I say old, but he's really young, the dynamic Ahim Deveaux will be joining us out of Mount Vernon, New York. The topic will be Are Segregated Schools Effective? (Professor) Deveaux is currently a teacher in a segregated school in Mount Vernon. The school is all male and African America. Do we need to have our own schools? Are we moving away from the dream of Dr. King? I have a feeling Adhim will be telling us it's the way to go if we are dissatisfied with the current quality of education.


The NAACP availed me the opportunity to moderate its Meet the Candidates forum last night. The NAACP got some very good publicity and the public had an opportunity to hear from the umptee-nine candidates. I doubt there will be any other debates with that many people. Cudos to the NAACP and the candidates. Here is the weblink to the newspaper article, NEWS PAPER ARTICLE.

The lady with me in the picture at the left is Lucy Graf, running for the office of County Council at Large. Very funny lady. It was an enjoyable evening for all. Thanks to the Political Action Team for making things happen. We are striving to build our community.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Is Black Leadership Under Siege on Maryland's Eastern Shore?

On this weeks' Called2Action radio program former Maryland State Senator Clarence Mitchell III and Dr. H. DeWayne Whittington, former Superintendent of the Somerset County School system, said yes to this article's title question. Displacement of Black leadership may be blatant, but many times its subtle. Dr. Whittington's displacement as Superintendent was blatant. Dr. Charlene Boston's, (first African American female Superintendent of any school system on the shore) displacement was more subtle. Kenneth Ballard in NAACP President in Somerset County another example. Both guest cited other cases to support the conclusion that Black Leadership is under siege. Another point, the enemy is not always outside of our community. Many times the displacement occurs from within.

After the show I had someone call me to say that they wanted me to do another show on the topic and focus on the notion of our own desire to displace ourselves --- sometimes instigated by ourselves, and other times instigated by someone outside of our community.

What can we do? 1) Become involved in an organizations that's doing something, 2) Contact Senator Mitchell (410-901-9795) -- he is involved with an organization that's addressing this issue, amongst other similar issues, 3) start a conscious effort to address this problem, yourself, 4) Youth -- learn as much as you can about these type concerns and then do something to address them, and 5) Be involved in a church.

Thank you men, for paving the road, and continuing to maintain it's upkeep.

Why Black Men Are No Going To Church ...From A Husband and Wife Perspective

Pastors Anthony and Linda Wheatley brought some insightful information to the show on our July 1, 2006 show. They shared with us some of the things they are doing in their walk with God to bring more men into the church. Pastor Anthony leads a men's discussion group. Pastor Linda shared the humbling quality of women washing their husband's feet, and responding to their husbands as being the head of the family. THOUGHT: It would be interesting to hear the initial feedback from women, particularly christian women, when they are told this. Men must feel wanted and genuinely appreciated, especially by those that they view as vessels of the gospel.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Is Black Leadership On the Eastern Shore Under Seige?

Recently Dr. Charlene Boston, Superintendent of Wicomico County School system, --- the first African American female in that position on the Eastern Shore ----- did not have her contract renewed after 1 four year period. Before her contract actually expired (6/30), the Baltimore School system offered her the acting CEO's position of the Baltimore School system. (The title of CEO is similar to the title of Superintendent).

A few years back the areas' first Black Superintendent of schools, Dr. DeWayne Whittington, Superintendent of Schools in Somerset County, did not have his contract renewed after his first term. He took his supervisors to court, (the Somerset County Board of Education) and won the case. It was not surprising to the African American community that he won the case. His case was based on the charges of racial discrimination.. In addition to being compensated a sizeable amount of cash, --- dinero in spanish ----- a school was named in his honor. Shortly after the this honorable gesture took place, students were relocated out of the school. The school is currently unoccupied.

What's going on? Is Black Leadership on Maryland's Eastern Shore Under seige? I discuss this with Dr. Dewayne Whittington and a special unannouced guest on this week's (7/8) show. If you know of similar instances, let me know by commenting in the response section of this e-mail. This stuff is amazing. Don't ya know.

Black Men Not Going To Church. Let's Talk Solutions.

Well, this week concluded our serious on why most African American men don't go to church. This past week Rev. Dr. John Kennedy, Presiding Elder of the Philadelphia Eastern Shore District (right) and Rev. Grant Johnson, (left),an Elder in the United Methodist Church addressed the concerns and solutions to get more African American Men into the church. What are the solutions? The church must address men's daily needs, it must present many avenues for ment to enter the church. Once men are into the church there should be mentoring program to help them understand the functions of the church. Men must assume some responsibility of seeking God and realizing the church is not a perfect institution. I shared/reminded our listeners of Dr. Kunjufu's examples of churches that are addressing men's needs, while also addressing their spiritual concerns. One such church have a number of men attacting activities on Saturday evening -- the time when most bad things happens in our communities. Men sleep in the church on Saturday evenings, they wake up on Sunday mornings, have breakfast in the church and then go into church service upon the conclusion of breadkfast.

We agreed the discussion started on Called2Action, must continue with Church leadership and men that are absent from church. Both pastors agreed they would be a part of these efforts, but would not lead the effort. Let's pray that our local church realize the importance of this serious problem and will strive to solve it in an unselfish manner.

I will keep the urgency of this problem in the forefront of our community. Let's all pray that we will hear God's word on this issue.