Saturday, January 08, 2011

To Have or Not To Have An Elected School Board.

If the Called2Action radio program was still being aired I would have guests in the studio this week to discuss the topic as cited in the title of this blog article. Currently in Wicomico County our Board of Education is appointed by the Governor. There is a movement in the County to change that to an elected board ---- elected by people of the county. I suspect if this desired change is well intended, it's driven by a desire to have a more effective education system in the county. This kind of change is drastic. May I suggest before we take this drastic action that we devise ways that we can increase the degree of accountability on our appointed school board. Whatever approach we ultimately decide on pursuing it will only be as good as the level of "living" accountability that exist.

As a side note, several years ago I had the opportunity to moderate a discussion on this topic in Worcester County. Experts were guest in the debate to talk about the topic from their professional perspective. The results of the discussion ---- There is not discernible difference with regards to educational outcome.