Saturday, December 16, 2006


Radio Program Schedule Sundays at 8:00pm on MAGIC 98.9

- Sunday December 17, 2007 ------- The Hispanic Community ----- Guest Jackie Sanchez
- Sunday December 24, 2006------- The Station Plays Christmas Music
- Sunday December 31, 2006------- Best of Called2Action ---- This show is a repeat of two
shows that were done ealier this year. Many calls and community comments were generated as result of these two programs. I've regarded these programs as two of the most popular
programs. The title of the programs, Why Black Men Do Not Go To Church. The foremost
expert in the world on this topic joins me on this show --- Dr. J. Kunjufu, author of the book, Adam where are you, Why Black Men Don't Go To Church, and many other books; also joining me were four young men who find the church as challenging. They are very candid in their comments about the church; also joining are two ministers that are leaders in their churches to discuss how they plan to address the charges made by the men.

Sweet to Your Tongue, But Bitter to Your Belly

Why in the cause of goodness do we refer to ourselves by using the “N” word? Why do we refer to our women as “b_tches” and “who _ es”? Are we sick or stupid? Why would a woman associate with a man or anybody that uses these debasing terms to describe anybody? Is is because he can put a few bucks in her purse? We addressed this general concept on Called2Action on Sunday evening, (12/10/06). Former Salisburian, and now New York community activist, Adhim Deveaux was my guest.

We’ve allowed ourselves to be hood wicked into a continuing state of modern day slavery, which I professed is worst than historical slavery. Why do I make this claim that some have disagreed with me on. We are controlled at the hands of the capitalist "Godfathers" and most of u don’t realized it. In days of slavery we realized it what we were up against. We knew what kept us in an inferior position, and often times we tried to correct the situation. Today, we’ve allowed the media to perpetrate us as thugs by their repeated use of these derogatory statements, at the expense of the withholding of positive, enlightening and liberating information. But they are not only to blame, over the past generations we have welcomed this trash, i.e Curtis Mayfield’s Pusherman, which is no less demeaning than Snoop Doogys …. whatever. (I don’t know the names of these modern day venoms). We were in the dance halls twisting our "tads" to this trash. Those that did not have our best interest at heart knew where we could be found, and that we would not be contemplating any acts of personal or corporate liberation. All that stuff tasted good to us, but after shallow we realized what we had been eating, and it became bitter to our bellies.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Kimberly Oliver, National Teacher of the Year, Visits Called2Action

Kimberly Oliver

In our on air interview, Ms. Oliver mentioned the importance of individualized instructions in the classroom, realizing the potentials children and youth have far exceeds our imagination, and geniue love of each child/youth is important.

Six years ago, she was hired at a school that was on the verge of being restructured by the State of Maryland. Driven by her love for the children in her classroom, she was instrumental in inspiring the creation of several innovative programs, that amongst other things encourage parental involvement.

Jimmy Dumas Says We Must Love Each Other

Super conversation with Bro. Jimmy Dumas, Author of the book 24 Reasons Why African Americans Suffer. Brother Dumas said there are a whole lot more reasons, but they've been narrowed down over a period of time and contemplation. We covered each of the reasons briefly on the show. When asked what should the Call2Action for our brother and sisters be, it was a resounding "love". I've been hearing that work quite a bit, as a vital ingredient to progress and success amongst our people. Bro. Dumas will be invited to join us early next year to discuss the reasons of Lack of Unity and Male-Female relationships. Visit Bro. Dumas website at, or just double click on the website reference and you will be at his site.