Sunday, August 20, 2006

Should African Americans Pursue Receiving REPARATION?

Adhim Deveaux, defined and cited examples of Reparation for us this past week. Reparation is an act of atonement for the injustices African American, (Af-Am) experienced as slaves. Many leaders cites the inappropriateness of the government making payments to Af-Am, and therefore they disagree with the idea. However, Adhim said, (using my own words), it's not about the government making payments, and he opposed atonement in the form of money. This is completely different from what many Black leaders espouse, i.e. Juan Williams in his new
book, Enough.... Adhim suggested legislation should be passed that steers the government away from working with companies, who have not confessed and taken actions to address, their financial benefits as a result of slavery.

Adhim's Call2Action ---- 1) Let's admit slavery was a problem...
2) Have your legislature support John Conyer's Bill on Reparation, 3) Address the issue of companies in Salisbury that have benefitted from Slavery, 4) Read the book, The Debt, 5) Be educated to the plight of our people.

Books to read, Robert Greene's 48 Laws of Power; Look at the movie, (you may download off the internet, it's free) ---- --- this movie makes Farrenheit 911 look like a teaser; also read the book, What America Owes Black. Super Job Adhim. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Help Needed At Our Board of Education and Elsewhere

Mark Thompson, the African American representative on the Board of Education, shared with us this week, that under the influence of the "No Child Left Behind Law", the public school system will be sending a letter to parents that gives parents the opportunity to opt out of having their children's name, age, address and other personal information from being sent to the military. If the parents says no, then it wouldn't happen. If parents do not respond, then it will be shared with the military, (see other Board of Education members).

He also shared with us that all positions on the board is now filled, and that he can be contacted if there are questions.

On a different note, Mark shared with us that the Salvation Army has been given a bus and they are looking for a CDL driver for an hour daily. They also need some people to donate some cash to help paint the bus.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Awesome Power of the Internet

What does a talk show host do when his guest informs him that he will not be able to participate in today's show, due to health reasons, a couple hours before the show? Answer, the host fills in. That's what we did this past week. My guest was hospitalized the night before the show, and communicated to me the morning of the show about his illness --- I was glad he did, and just didn't opt not to show up. We talked about the awesome power of the internet, on the show. Why it's important for us to become familiar with it, and all the things you can do with it. Almost all public information is now on the internet. I can check on how much my friend in Alaska bought his house for. We talked about blogsites and websites and buying goods at a cheap price. All this and more we talked about. I did this show because I sense in many of us, a reluctancy to use the internet, or for that matter to even purchase a computer, to build our community. I refuse to communicate (in writing) in any other way than through e-mail. It's quicker and cheaper, and you have a permanent record of your communications. How can you blame me? Believe me when I tell you the internet will be here for a while.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Called2 Action -- New Station and New Time Slot

Beginning the second week in September 2006, the Called2Action radio program will move from WJDY-AM to Magic 98.9 FM, a station with a much larger listenership. The airing date will also change, we move from Saturday's at 9:30am to Sunday at 8:00pm. Wow, quite a challenge. Please continue to join us.