Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Chat with the Haitian Community

I am determined --- with the inspiration, guidance and help from God --- to align our forces for the good of us all. I am interested in all, but there is a special passion within me to help the disenfrancised, (the spiritually and economically poor).

A couple weeks ago the Hispanic Community dawned the walls of the radio studio. This week the Haitian Community will spend some time with me. Pastor Roosevelt Toussaint, a Haitian, will join me to talk about the unique problems that Haitian's face when they come to the land of their dreams, ---- more particularly Wicomico County -- and what we can do to help them better assimilate into this environment. Wouldn't it be wonderful if African-Americans, Hispanics, Haitians and other such groups would address, at least, some of our common problems together. Let's begin by understanding each other; what's important to each other and the values that we cherish. Then let's develop common ground. We'll take about that this Saturday, (4/1), on WJDY 1470 AM at 9:30am.

Urgent Press Release

I received this urgent press release this morning. (See the attached article referencing schools takeover).,0,7334326.story?coll=bal-home-headlines

What do you think?

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Audio Taping of Interview with Dr. Charlene Boston

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This is an excerpt from my interview with Dr. Charlene Boston.

An Interview with Superintendent Boston

Saturday morning gave us the opportunity to interview the head of our education system, Dr. Charlene Boston. As always she was gracious, and insightful in sharing with us her thoughts. We accomplished much under her leadership --- increased grades, a lower dropout rate, increased funding to our school system. Many sowable seeds have been planted. We must now water and fertilize these seeds with love, (sunlight) parental guidance, (pruning) and provide the required resources, (water).

She will be leaving us in June. We will miss her. We thank her for sharing with us what God has given to her. Hope you had the opportunity to hear the show.

In this blog I've included an audio excerpt from the show. Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 20, 2006

Has Our Educational Dreams Been Deferred With the Leaving of Our Superintendent?

Dr. Charlene Boston, recently announced that she would not be returning as Superintendent of the Wicomico County School System for the year 2006-2007. In several county's throughout the state of Maryland --- closest being Dorchester County,--- superintendents have opted not to return to lead their school systems. Our Superintendent was with us one contract term (4 years). Is this the start of a trend? Is too much expected of our Superintendents? Do they have to spend more time chasing the dollar, and less time pursuing a quality education for our children? Join me and the Superintendent this Saturday (3/25) as we discuss her accomplishments, her dreams for the county and what our communities should be doing to continue to strengthen our education system. Join me Saturday (3/25) at 9:30am on WJDY 1470am.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Hispanic Community and the Challenges They Confront

We've began an appropriate dialogue on effectively resolving the problems that confront the Hispanic/Latino (His-La) communities. Our ultimate goal is to align the forces of the His-La communities with the African and Haitian communities. We have much in common, --- to begin, we are the have less, consequently we are the first to experience the maladies of society, i.e. access to health care and jobs, poor grades in schools, child care etc. My thanks to the ladies who took the chance to
be interviewed by me -- in Washington DC. Natali Fani, Leila Borrero Krouse, Nohora Rivero, and Mariana Padley, (see first photo to right).
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Friday, March 17, 2006

Challenges Confronting the Hispanic Community

Nora Rivero will be joining me on this Saturday's (3/18) radio show. Nora will be accompanied by two guests. Nora is a community advocate for the civic and legal rights of Hispanics. Also scheduled to join me from Washington DC is Nataly Fani, (see article). I met Nataly about a year ago at a Hispanic meeting and was impressed with her insight and her energy. Nataly is my Micheal Jordan on addressing Hispanic issues statewide. (I hope Nataly doesn't mind the simile). Additionally, I've heard some good things about Nataly in our state capital. Nataly is a former Lobbyist and Organizer of CASA of Maryland. She is currently a Political Analysis for the Embassy of Venezula.

We know that the Hispanic community, and the African-American community experience similar social and political challenges, but there are some different challenges these groups experience. What are the challenges the Hispanic community confronts in Salisbury that we may not be aware of? I will ask the question, Are there Hispanic gangs in Salisbury? What role does the church foster in the Hispanic community? How can Hispanics and African-Americans align our forces to address our common problems. Aren't we better off addressing our common problems together? I am going to find out as much about this ethnic group as I can ------ and talk about working together ---- all this on Saturday on WJDY 1470 AM at 9:30 am.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Wealth Building in the Minority Community

Super show on Wealth Building (3/11). Our guest Dr. Jessie B. Brown, national best selling author on Investing in the Dream, (see website). Dr. Brown is a stock broker and financial planner and publishes a weekly newsletter, entitled "Pay Yourself First". He is also President of Crystal Investment Management in Chicago, Illinois. Our local guests were (young brothers) Gregory Townsend and Andre' (Gator) Henry. Mark has several properties in the area and Gator is the owner of a
salon business in Salisbury. These brothers are "rolling".

Some resulting thoughts --- wealth building differs from income generating in that wealth is transferable to generations. It starts with an attitude and continues to financial goal setting; on-going financial literacy training is important. Parents and schools must incorporated financial literacy in their curriculum. Place your money in things that increase in value, i.e. property. The Eastern Shore is furtile ground for purchasing property that will increase in value, because of its retirement genre. These are a few thoughts that came out of the program.

Dr. Brown has offered to provided anyone that contacts his office with a set of free information on "saving and investing". His contact number is
1-800-955-0418, or you may e-mail him at
For the folks in the Virgin Islands that reads this blog, this offer is also being extended to you.

Thank you Dr. Brown and Mr. Townsend and Henry. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Upcoming Radio Shows

Upcoming Radio Shows For the Month of March On Called2Action, (1470 WJDY AM -- 9:30am) All Shows are tentatively scheduled, contingent upon last minute guest schedule changes.

March 11, 2006 ---- Wealth Building In Our Community
We'll lay out a plan that will aid in building wealth. It all starts with a vision, driven by an attitude and strenthened with challenges. We all can be wealthier than we are, if we want to.
March 18, 2006 ---- Challenges Confronting the Hispanic Community
The Hispanic Community has a number of problems that we don't even think about. Have we turned our backs on the Hispanic Community?
March 25, 2006 ---- Wicomico County School Superintendent Charlene Boston
Dr. Boston recently announced she would not be returning as Superintendent. We'll talk about her accomplishments, and what direction we should be headed in, and foreseen challenges.
April 1, 2006 --- Convenent with Black America --- Discussion with Tavis Smiley or Staff.
Discusses the Implementation of the Convenant with Black America recently seen on the State of Black America aired on C-Span 2. (The guest for this show has not been finalized)

God's Plan Is Generational

God’s complete plan Is generational, and not limited to our time, or limited to us. For us to think that we are responsible for completing a phase or all of God’s Plan in our time may reveal more of our self centered-ness, than God’s spirituality. God’s plan may begin with us, or continue with us, but end in generations later. With that in mind, our preparation of those that God brings in our lives is paramount, particularly those that are younger. It’s not about us. It’s about GOD. Build a generation in the word of God, and not an ego-nation in the name of ourselves.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Does The Church Empower or Imprison?

Our topic on March 4, 2006 radio program. A few eminating thoughts. The church must first address the spiritual man. The leader must assist willing parishioneers to grow spiritually. The church must also address the personal needs of willing parishioneers. The church has been and must continue to be a liberator. The church should help our people to get jobs, build their wealth, educate them nutritionally, etc. People will not come together, until churches come together. The devil continues to be the enemy that effects us all. Our guest this week, see bottom picture, Dr. Brian Mitchell, Mr. Warren White, Pastor Craig Mathies, and Rev.
William Ross. We will have a follow-Up program in a few weeks that continues to address the church and its vital role in liberating the man.
Well, I can't write anymore. You should have listened to the show.
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