Saturday, February 25, 2006

Do Sports Coaches Take Advantage of Our Kids?

The response on the Called2Action Radio Program was a resounding Yesssssssss. Winning at all cost has become the mantra. More Kids than fewer, are being exploited. They are not being taught the fundamentals of the game. Coaches pattern what they see on television. This week we had Kenny Luck, a multi sports record holder at the University of Delaware (see article) and a Washington Bullets draftee, Donnie Waters, a one time all time scoring leader at a local high school and from North Carolina Fred Whitted, author of the article Black Head Coaches: History vs. Reality (see article). Parents must be activitely involved in assuring their kids that education is primary, and sports should aid in this endeavor, not replace it. Chances of our children becoming pro athletics are slim to none.

In the first picture on this page is Radio personality Randi White, who has worked with us as a technical producer - engineer and on air commentator. Randi leaves us this week to go to another job. We'll miss you Randi. You've been wonderful to work with. We all influence each
others lives, Randi did ours. Take care sis. In the second pix, myself, on air guest Donnie Waters and Kenny Luck, and co-host David Miller.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hip Hop Radio Posse'

Here is the Hip Hop radio posse' from Saturday's radio show on the
Hip Hop Culture. Kia Wallace and Allen George. Let's give them a round of applause for the job they did. If you see them in your travels, let them know.
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The Hip Hop Culture

This week's show on the Hip Hop Culture and turning Hip Hop into a positive force was super. Our guest was Kia Wallace and Allen George, both students at Wicomico High School. Thanks to Principal Hughes for making this possible. Prior to the show my knowledge on the Hip Hop Culture was "ziltch". I now have a better understanding of it. They were very informative. We learned about the five, or so, different forms of Hip Hop. The Call2Action is that we must bridge the generation gap by learning more about hip hop through reading and trying hard to listen to the music. Discourage the media from airing negative hip hop and reward them for playing good hop. We must meet young people where they are. Hip Hop is here to stay. Stay tuned we may have a Hip Hop summit to come out of this. Posted by Picasa

Some of My Favorite Free Software

Many of the softwares that we spend money buying we can obtain free on the internet. Below are a few of my favorite free software program you can download from the internet.

Open office ----

Can’t afford to purchase Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Well you can get a program that works as well as, and even better in some instances than MS Word, etc. and its free. It’s also compatible with MS Word. Check it out.


Great program. Catologs your pictures on your computer and allows you to edit them, among many other features.


Why purchase Norton’s or McAfees. Try this free antivirus program.

You may find other super free programs at:

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Planetary Politics

Thomas Jefferson was well aware of planetary cycles, configurations, and influences. His writings make repeated references to a twenty year cycle for “touching up” a revolution.

Jefferson 20 year cycle of change has worked itself out since 1840, in that every President elected on the cycle has died in office. The pattern began with William Harrison elected in 1840; Abraham Lincoln elected in 1860; James Garfield, elected in 1880; William McKinley, re-elected in 1900; William Harding elected in 1920; FDR, re-elected in 1940; John Kennedy elected in 1960.

It is no accident that July 4 was chosen as the birth of our county. The date represents highly significant planetary configurations. From July 4 other significant date in American tradition follow the astrological cycle of fours. Thus national elections are held in November, the fourth month following July and the original date for the inauguration of the president was March 4, the fourth month following November. Count four more months and you are back to the birthday of the United States.

Liberating the Improvished

Saturday's show on the Debilitating Effects of Poverty attributed poverty to several things. These things are 1) public policy 2) a number of ---isms, 3) personal choices 4) low paying jobs, and 4) lack of formal education --- tied into personal choices.

Our Call2Action, 1) be involved in shaping public policy by voting and holding leaders accountable, 2) turn your ---isms into achiev-ism. Turn you bads into good --- attitude is important, 3) stay away from paying high interest rates, predatory lending, spend less in buying things that do not appreciate in value, do not rent furniture, TV etc. 4) pursue furthering your education. We all are responsible for helping our fellow man. We are all improvished if we fail to help those that are.
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Thursday, February 09, 2006


On this weeks’ Call 2 Action radio program our guest will be Dr. William Spriggs, Chairman of the Economics Department at Howard University located in Washington, D.C. Dr. Spriggs has written in this month’s Crisis Magazine --- a publication of the NAACP ---- an article on poverty in America, and why the poor are getting poorer, ( We decided to address this topic because of the several shows that we’ve done thus far, being poor is a common underlying theme that is heard. Dr. Spriggs talks about causes and solutions. What he says may surprise you. Tune in on Saturday February 11, 2006 at 9:30 am on WJDY 1470 AM.

Also joining us will be our own Yvonne Terry. We will have our usual round table discussion and then we will share with the listening audience how to address this problem. You will find that we all contribute to the improvised state that many of our people are in, and therefore we all hold some responsibility for solving it. Mrs. Terry will tell it like it is, as she usually does. Don’t forget ---- Saturday February 11, 2006 at 9:30 on WJDY 1470 AM.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Where Is Mr. Progress?

The progress that any community or organization makes or doesn’t make begins with leadership. If you are not satisfied with the things that are happening in your community, you must always go back to those persons you have trusted into positions of leadership. The Bible tells us that in the last days men will be more concerned with self and money than they are concerned with the well fair of their fellow men.

The noble follower must clearly define, or have defined that which the leader must achieve that will benefit humanity, (the community). A leader that is engaged in efforts with no results is an ineffective leader. No progress being made in your community? Check out your leaders.

Your honor I rest my thoughts.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Debilitating Effects of Poverty

On next week's radio show we will be discussing the Debilitating Effects
of Poverty, --- WoW. It's the common thread to the topics we have discussed thus far. We've made arrangements with a Professor from Howard University, who is an expert on the topic -- Dr. William Spriggs. He is the author of an article in this month's Crisis Magazine. He has already agreed to be on the show via telephone. I've just got to
make some arrangements to get him on air. We will be talking about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.
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Monday, February 06, 2006

A Retake of Called 2 Action

A Picture from Saturday's Show on, Are There Gangs In Salisbury?
The experts say there are 10 to 12 gangs in Salisbury. Can you believe
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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Colds and The Flu

I’ve noticed this year more than any other year, many more people than in years past have colds and the flu. Three of my friends that I have never seen with a cold, are struggling with colds this year. Strangely, I’ve also have noticed that the laser detector in my truck sounds more that it ever has. I have had the detector for about 5 or 6 years, and the laser alarm has scarcely ever sounded. Obviously, I’m not certain there’s a link, but I couldn’t help but put the two together. I do know that those things that are not as obvious to us, effects us more than the things that are obvious to us. Technology has become more sophisticated. In conclusion, I don’t believe the increase frequency of colds/flus are merely coincidental. Something is going on. What do you think?

Gangs In Your Community?

Gangs In Your Community? Do you know for a Fact that they exist or don’t exist? What is a Gang? Why are Gangs Formed? Is it more Likely you will be in a gang if you are poor?

These are many more similar questions will be explored on the Called 2 Action Radio Program on Saturday, February 04, 2006, at 9:30am. Two experts in our community will discuss this topic with me.