Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Hour; Same Everything Else

The hour of the Called2Action program will change beginning (Feb. 3, 2008). Our new hour will be 7:00pm to 8:00pm. This is a permanent change. Tune in to Magic 98.9, and be Called2Action.

Monday, January 28, 2008

She Came, She Saw, and She's Getting it Done

Her letter, that reached the Called2Action staff, can we correct the decay that has plagued the black community yielding what I call bad crops? ...we must understand that there are many components necessary for productive crops, the right amount of rain, sun, fertilizer, tilling, pest control and protection of vermin.

Deborah, who is also the CEO for the Corporation for Healthy Homes and Economic Development, upon her return to Maryland's Eastern Shore, in an attempt to address one of the most critical problems we faced (lack of affordable housing for the low incomed), started this endeavor. Ms. Johnson goes beyond talking, she acted on her beliefs. Thanks Debbie for ingratiating us with your presence and your thoughts on the Called 2Action radio program Visit her website.
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

...And The Struggle Goes On

Council women Sample-Hughes and Shanie Shields discuss the lack of support they receive from their constituents, what they are doing to address this, and how constituents can become involved in the struggle.
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Sunday, January 20, 2008

From A King to the Queens

Called2Action features a town meeting tonight that discusses the progress and challenges confronting two African American Councilwomen ----- it's a tribute, (of soughts) to the civil rights movement.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Prestine Padmore and MC Reds visit the Called2Action Studio

Prestine Padmore, (African American Studies Major) and MC Reds (Communications Major) both students at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, leaving the Called2Action newsroom after discussing Hip Hop on the January 13, 2008 Called2Action radio program. Posted by Picasa

Help Me To Better Understand the Hip Hop Movement

Prestine Padmore and MC Reds were my guest this week. The topic, the Hip Hop Generation/Movement. As we know there is a generational gap in understanding the Hip Hop Generation. Older person, (40+) generally do not have an appreciation for the Hip Hop Movement. The purpose of this evening's program. Great discussion. The Call2Action, make a concerted effort to understand the music that's an integral part of the generation. Purchase music by Common. Understand there are elements that have inserted trash (bad language) into this movement intended for good.
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Saturday, January 12, 2008

You Have Not Been Educated On Anything, Just Informed On a Few Things -- Just Enough to Continue to Be A Slave and You Don't Even Know It

In the book the Miseducation of the Negro, Dr. Carter G. Woodson makes it cystal clear that the Negro has made a critical mistake in thinking that he has been educated as to live effectively in a his current domicile. Today we have more so called educated professional than we've ever had, though our social, political, economic and even our health problems are greater than they've ever been.

The truth of this trend of thought is that the Negro continues to be informed, while he thinks he is being educated. What's the difference? Let me address this through an example. Many of us have been informed on how a vehicle starts and runs. Few of us have been educated on the same thing. A typical education might sound like something like this, when the ignition in the car is turned, it closes an electrical circuit that causes the starter to send fire to the motor, which fires up the pistons, etc.

Being educated on this, enables the educated to effectively troubleshoot when there is a problem and/or to apply the principles of the operation to a number of different circumstances. A mere informing of the same thing is much more general, and just covers surface type information. It's a terrible thing when you've been informed, but you think you've been educated. Just look at our situations today.

Generation: Hip Hop

We've been making sincere attempts to better understand different racial and ethnic cultures. If we can better understand each other we can better accomplish common goals that are necessary for us to accomplish. On Sunday, 1/13/08, the attempt is to better understand our younger generation. They call themselves ----- the Hip Hop generation.

I will be talking with two young ladies from one of the region's Universities on this subject. They are eager to talk to me and share with the listening audience much of their thoughts. If for no one else, I'd like to know more about the Hip Hop generation, and be able to better relate to this generation. What is the Hip Hop Generation? How did it originate? Are there particular things that Hip Hoppers like or have in common? Why don't you join me on this special evening.

Taxes, the IRS and You

Teddy, the Taxman joined me on Sunday (1/06/08). He shared with us some of the new changes in taxes for this year. Examples, written proof of all charitable deductions is required. If you are going to get money back, you can now have your money put directly into an IRA. The Tax Man is very "high" on the government's efforts to help us to build a retirement pool, through this method. Many of us expects the government to be our retirement nest egg. Bulletin, Bulletin, Bulletin, it won't happen. Oh, by the way, the Tax Man also spoke favorably of the Roth IRA. The IRS is increasing the number of audits it engages in. They have resolved their problem of being short staffed. A number of other excellent ideas and thoughts were shared with us. The Tax Man can be heard weekly on WBFF, see contact and additional information in previous post. Thank you Tax Man.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Tax Here, A Tax There, A Tax Everywhere.

Teddy the tax man, (Baltimore, Md) pays a return visit to the mecca of the information vein tonight, Called2Action, this evening. We'll discuss new tax laws, what's ahead in 2008 and establishing a personal income goal for the upcoming year.

See more information on Teddy.