Sunday, May 21, 2006


Upcoming Shows On Called2Action:

Why Black Men Don't Go To Church ---- Month of June
Health Along A Racial Divide
Conspiracy That Targets Our Community?
The Medical Values Of Water
Why are our Women Obese?
Repartiation To An Owed People
The Awesome Power Of The Internet
Does The Internet Carry The Symbol Of The Beast (666)?

Let's Talk Immigration and Things

This week (5/27), we talk with the Hispanic Community. We'll discuss some of the issues you've heard in the news and some of the issues you may not have heard about, but effects them and us - I'd like to get away from that description. If we going to pull our community together, we must be involved with all our struggles with equal ferver.

The political analysis for the Venezula Embassy is my guest, along with three of our friends from Salisbury. Join us on WJDY 1470AM at 9:30 am. (For our national and international friends, we broadcast out of Salisbury, Maryland, weekly).

Change In How We Govern Ourselves

The people recently, through their votes said, we do not like the way we govern ourselves, we want a change. Our community has decided to change its form of governance. Under the existing system we have 7 persons who handle our legislative and executive happenings. The change will mandate one person assumes the executive functions, while 7 handle only the legislative functions.

Ed "Sonny" Henry was our guest on Called2Action this week. He talked about our new form of government by comparing it to our soon to be (Dec. '06) form of government. Lots of changes upcoming.

Thanks Sonny for your involvement in our community and being our guest on Called2Action. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, May 14, 2006

My Favorite Human Beings...

...are mothers. They work long and hard hours providing for others what they themselves may not have had. They fulfill a role that no President has assumed. Our first god like experience was with mother. Her love is unconditional, and there's nothing that you can do that diminishes that love.

Mrs. Sherita Conaway (Called2Action's mother extraordinarius) shared her experience about mothering on our 5/13 show. Accompanying her was two of her children, Ivan Conaway, 14 years and Olivia Conaway, 15 years, (see pictures inset). Mrs. Conaway is a biological mother of 1 child and adopted mother of 3. She has been an adopted parent for 12 years in Wicomico County. She has won the "2004 Friend of Children Award".

An audio extract of our interview is below. Just click on the arrow.

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

What Has Gone Wrong and Continues To Go Wrong?

Black Young Men ---- wasted minds, wasted resources. Would all the well-intended programs in the world have changed this? These guys spend many hours of the day on the corners of life doing "zappo". Look at the advertisements on the store. Why couldn't this have been a food health store? In slavery our bodies were controlled, and our minds were free to focus on the vines of freedom. Today our bodies are free, but their minds are enslaved. We continue to be used to help others increase their profit margins. What has gone wrong? Who will help these young men to escape the bonds of mental slavery? They need your help.

First of all get that store out of our community, and then
spend some time with these "prisoners of puke". Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wandering Thoughts Have Been Heard To Say

We haven't aired the show yet, but I've been receiving comments on the upcoming series of shows that addresses the topic, Why Black Men Do Not Go To Church? The most popular comment has been in the form of a question. People want to know what are the reasons. One lady asked (not the lady in the above pix) and then proceeded to answer it herself. Her response was "laziness", and they (men) think they are god. That may be true, but let's hear what the men say when we get together. To minimize any existing suspense, I will take a shot in broad daylight and say I believe we will hear a number of explanations, but the one explanation will be ---- hypocracy ---- hypocracy of church leadership.