Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pushing for the Price of Gas to Hit Ten Dollars A Gallon

I've been doing everything I know to get the price of gas to the ten dollar a gallon mark. I've written my political representatives, and sent letters to our local newspapers. Why, you may ask. Well, I believe that's what it will take to get you off your duffy and put some pressure on our politicos to address the current self inflicted abomination.

Americans have become lazy, seeking comfort and pleasure.The reason the price is as high as it currently is, is due to the fact that we have not done anything to compel our elected officials to address the problem. We must take the blame. The persons that we have elected to office is giving us the royale shaft. Despite this my fuss is not with them, its with you, you who have chosen to allow this to happen.

Thirty years ago this problem was very evident, but we did nothing. So maybe if it goes up to$10.00 per gallon, you'll see the hipocracy in your non action.