Saturday, April 29, 2006

Wills, Living Wills and Trusts

Attorney Sherwood Wescott took to the airwaves this weekend, (4/29), as we discussed Wills, Living Wills and Trusts. Do you have any of these? You can't lose by having each of them. We learned about the differences, the cost, and the contents of each. Did you know that Maryland Law requires certain things be included into each of them. Can you complete the appropriate paperwork on each of these? Sure you can. Should you? No you shouldn't. I should have asked Attorney Westcott if an individual cannot afford to obtain all three at or about the same time, how should they be prioritized? Based on our discussion I would guess, the Living Will, the Will and then the Trust. That's my guess --- but remember I'm not an attorney.Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 28, 2006

Do You Have A Will, or a Living Will?

Well do you? ---- Do you have a will --- of any kind? Based on the statistics, I will guess that you do not have a will. Am I right?

On Called2Action this Saturday (4/29) we will tell you why it's important to have a will. I know what you want to ask me ----- you want to ask ---- If I must have a will, can I create it from one of those computer software programs? Tune in this week, Wills, Living Wills, Trusts ---- we discuss 'em all. My guest will be Attorney Sherwood Wescott. This weekend WJDY 1470AM at 9:30am ---- Live.

On the following show Dr. Christjon Huddleston will be my guest to talk about health care in the Minority Communities. I'll tell you more in an upcoming blog.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Why Black Men Don't Go To Church

At epidemic proportions Black Men have refused to go to Christian Churches; and churches are not addressing this challenge. (Don't believe me? Is your church addressing this problem?) In a few weeks I will be conducting a four week needs assessment on why Black men do not go to Christian Churches--- or church in general. We will have in the radio studios on three separate Saturdays Black Men who refuse to go to church and they will tell you why. In some cases they once regularly attended church, and then something happened. You will find there responses enlightening. The fourth show will have ministers or church leaders to share what they will do to increase the number of Black men going to church. Why Don't Black Men Attend Church will be aired during the month of June on WJDY 1470AM at 9:30am.

Anecdotes --- From the Book, Adam Where Are You? -- What happens when a son watches his father read the Bible and pray? Have Black men transferred their anger from their earthly father to their Heavenly Father? How can Black men holler more for Jordan, than Jesus? When a man is separated from God he is separated from his power. When you save a man you save a family.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Penn Greets Kweisi Mfume (Former NAACP CEO)

This weekend (4/22)I attended the Regional Democratic State Convention in Ocean City. At the convention policy statements were developed around the following areas, Growth, Development and Environment, Education, Health, and Jobs and the Economy. These policy statements will be shared with the region's Democratic Central Committees, who will develop action statements for implementaion.

Kweisi Mfume, (former Maryland Congressman and CEO of the NAACP) was the Luncheon speaker. He gave an insightful and passsionate speech. I thank God for him. This man deserves to be the next Senator from the State of Maryland.
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What Is Required To Be An Effective Black Politician...?

Dr. James White, Jr. former Commissioner and President of the Princess Anne Town Council discussed some notions on What Is Required to Be An Effective Black Politician and What Do Blacks Experience When Elected to Office with Regards to Black Support?

Experience obtained through serving on boards and commissions, setting a specific political agenda, knowing what your community looks like and it's changing demographics, making a difference that benefits your constituents, effective interpersonal relationships, being
able to give and take with your colleagues. Black politicians don't always get the support from their Black constituency until something goes wrong.

It's quite a bit isn't it? Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 21, 2006

Am I Qualified To ....

Do African American Politicians face a tougher struggle in getting things done than their white counterparts? What does the individual need to know before running for political office? Dr. James White, a former politico, will join me this week as he answers these questions and a few other burning questions. Believe it or not I have my own thoughts on this subject. Will it be a battle royal or two church goers getting together to show how much we agree with each other? Dr. White is a long time friend, so I'm certain whatever comes out of it we will have some fun. I think you will too. Tune in on Saturday at 9:30am, on station WJDY AM 1470 to see if you're qualified to run for office.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Your Greatest Thought

Our current position in life is as a result of our greatest thought ----- acted upon. Not happy or satisfied with where you are in life, or what you have achieved, then assume a different thought process and/or begin to act on it. We were born from spirit into this world. We are always connected to God's Holy Spirit, which intends good and greatness for us. He is always speaking to us. When you stumped your toe, or hit your head on a sunken overpass , try to remember what you were thinking of the moment it happened. Don't focus on the bad, think about the good, and if acted upon the greatest that will come out of it. This very moment, you have achieved what you've wanted to achieve, because you are acting on your greatest thought.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Media and The Minority Communities

Ms. Talibah Chikwendu, a freelance writer for the Afro-American Newspapers, a former writer and photograper for the Daily Banner, Editor of the Baltimore and Washington AFRO-American newspapers, and Mr. Jason Newton, anchor and reporter for WBOC TV 16 (CBS affiliate) paid us a visit this weekend (4/15) to discuss the media and the minority communities. We concluded that the media must report the news, and they report what they think is of most interest to the public.

The public can help to determine what's written or aired by 1) contacting the media (Editor's desk) to share news worthy information, 2) realizing the media is there to share information with the public and not to solve problems, 3) patronizing or do not patronize businesses that sponsor media stories, 4) being involved in your community 5) writing letters of appreciation or complaints to the reporters

If we'd like to be treated a certain way by the media, we must make it happen. It won't happen my accident, or through someone else -----
where have I heard that before?

Thank you Ms. Chikwendu and Mr. Newton --- we'll be reading your articles and listening to you, ------- and taking your advise. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Crazy Media?

Everyone is trying to get you mind. If they have your mind, they’ve got you. Every day we surrender our thoughts and many times our belief systems to that which is espoused in the media. The styles we adopt. The products we use. The cars we buy. The lies and lives we live. The media affects us tremendously. Why do we allow this to happen? …and sometimes we don’t know it’s happening. I read a book one time called Subliminal Seduction. It tells us the purposeful actions the media has taken to manipulate our minds, and you don't even know about it. This week (4/15) on Called2Action, we’ll talk about this, what is the responsibility of the media in telling the story? How can we work with the media to help to achieve the ends that we’re striving to achieve?

I’ll be inviting some of the leading African American personalities in the media to discuss this topic.

Why Don't Minority Groups Vote?

In the major African American community in Salisbury, the voter turnout in the last election was higher than it's been in quite a while, (app. 34%). However, it was the lowest voter turnout in the county. In one precinct the voter turnout was 95%.

The attitude that "I can't make a difference", prevails with the majority. Councilman Ed Taylor, (picture in set), suggested on going need to show the relevancy to our youth. David, (my co-host) will try to fire up some of our youth people.

shared some "late breaking" news this morning. It is anticipated the General Assemble will overturn the Governor's veto on Monday. If that happens, in September of this year Maryland voters will be able to vote at any precinct (any location) in the state of Maryland. Also voters will be able to vote for one week ----- the week prior to the typical election day going into Saturday. This should make things more accessible to all
persons. Now let's get our folks to the polls ----- after we get them to register to vote.
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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Called2Action Genre'

We talk issues that affects the disenfrancished. This we do every Saturday at 9:30am on radio station WJDY 1470AM. This is a show of empowerment. The first solutions to our problems must begin with the individual, but I would be less than knowledgeable if I did not share that there are public policy issues that must also be addressed.

Our goal on Saturday's is to inspire the uninspired, direct the undirected, irritate the comfortable, hold accountable the unaccountable, as we move across the Jordan. This I will do until I am no more. Posted by Picasa

The Man Said, "I Don't Care About Politics"

I will be taking to Councilwoman Shanie Shields and Councilman Edward Taylor this week on the radio program Called2Action. Why is it important to get involved in politics? Why should anyone put their stocks in any political party? What can politics do for anyone? A few questions I’ll volley at my guests.

Being A Haitian In America and Salisbury

Pastor Roosevelt Toussaint, was our guest on Called2Action this past week (4/1). Not surprisingly, we learned that the challenges the Haitian and Hispanic Community face are the same as that of African-Americans. We also learned that African American students are picking on the Haitian students in school, because of their cultural differences. When I first moved to the continental United States I found that African Americans were very narrow minded in attempting to understand different cultures, needless to say, appreciate other cultures. In addition the language barriers further compounds their problems.
What an amazement if the African American, the African Haitian and the Hispanic community would come together. Let's all start by trying to understand each others culture, particulary those that come to America.

The staff of the Called2Action program will be working on this with your help. Will we all come together? With God's help we will. Stay tuned... better still tune in, listen and let's get to action. Will you help us? May God continue to bless you.
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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Travis Smiley Comes To Delmarva?.... Stay Tuned.

I have been able to contact Tavis Smiley's staff and we are in the process of determining whether an interview with Mr. Smiley will be practical. Tavis will be in Baltimore this upcoming weekend espousing the book, "Convenant with Black America".

If all goes well we should have him on the show soon. My plans are to get it done during this week, (4/3). If you have not obtained the book, Convenant with Black America, pick it up. I understand that it is the number 2 book on the New York Times best selling list.

If we are able to get Mr. Smiley on the show we will discuss the evolution of the book, what the book is, how should the book be used and what happens next as a result of the book?