Sunday, January 28, 2007

An Evening with Dr. Dennis Kimbro

Full of passion, right to the point, and very inspiring, best known author, and educator Atlanta's Dr. Dennis Kimbro, (see picture inset) was my guest on Called2Action tonight. In summary, the good Dr. said upon his interviewing of hundreds of successful people he's seen four common threads, 1) They Dream Big 2) They Walk to the Beat of a Different Drummer ---- What is special about you that will cause you to march to the beat of a different drummer? --- 3) They say learning is life long, 4) They refused to fail.

Two things lead to prosperity 1) Marriage 2) Savings.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Teddy the Taxman Cometh

Teddy "the taxman", talked taxes last weekend, (1/21). Teddy is a regular on Baltimore's Channel 45 WBFF. He shared with us about a special one time benefit all tax payers are eligible for, as a result of an excise tax we were paying for on our telephones. This tax went to help pay for the war. Money that we obtain we should put a portion of it into an IRA, as a means of investing it. Teddy's advise was very sound. You may hear Teddy on Channel 45 every Monday morning during tax season. Here's Teddy's website.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Nationally Acclaimed Motivator and Author Dr. Dennis Kimbro Talks Success This Weekend

One of America' finest motivators, authors and educators will be joining me on Called2Action this weekend. We'll talk about what makes the great, great. How can I achieve more than I am achieving today? Visit Dr. Kimbro's website.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Called2Action Goes National and International

Called2Action will be heard throughout the United States and Internationally by the end of February 2007. This will be done through the internet. All of our guest, whether in Chicago, New York or Los Angeles will be able to hear us live and call in on our toll free line. We're excited about this.

Networking In The African American Community

Happy New Year to all. The first show of the year dealt with Networking in the African American Community. My guest was Karl V. Binns, (picture inset), an instructor at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. We discussed the definition of Networking, why it's important, why it has not been working in the African American Community.
Mr. Binn's cited that the individual must begin with a vision, a personal goal, and then develop the contacts that will nurture a mutual sharing of information with a group of people with a similar vision. This group of people should have a mssion and a plan to achieving the groups objective.

Most achievements are made through effective networking. People who have opted to get out of their comfort zone to attain their goal through networking strategies outshine their counterparts.
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