Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Welfare Fiasco?

Americans have been ranting and ragging over the perils of government welfare to those in need. When Americans felt they had cut the welfare roles, they postulated there would be much more for all of us, because those in need would become tax payers and no longer the users of precious tax dollars. While many Americans exercised their weigh against those limited in defending themselves and their (in many cases) undeserving plight, they encourage the wealthly to take as much as they could from the coffers of America's treasury, throught reduced taxes, corporate subsidies, bailouts, unregulated etc.  And because of this hypocritical self serving idiocy, we are in the midst of the worst financial mess we've been in, in my lifetime, and more than likely your lifetime. CEO's making millions of dollars a year, with failing companies. Have we gone crazy? Yes. Absolutely. Where is the public outcry? Are we on the path of a total financial, more importantly morale collapse. Pension plans have dropped in value, the value of stocks are plummeting, and all our investments are in a steady state of what ever will be, will be. When will we revolt against the unfair treatment of our citizenry? ... or have we been conditioned to be helpless in the midst of this welfare fiasco.