Sunday, December 11, 2005

Pix From NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet

This is a birds eye view of the NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet held on Saturday December 10, 2005. What a start for the first Freedom Fund Banquet. Posted by Picasa

NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet

Over 300 persons attended the NAACP's recent Freedom Fund Banquet on Saturday December 10, 2005. It was the first of many to come. Basically it's a fundraiser. Music was provided by UMES Jazz Band. The speaker was Stephen Peter's, noted Educator.

His presentation was excellent. It was practical. I particularly liked how he connected his presentation and life to God.

There was a book signing after the presentation. All the books were sold.

The following persons and organizations were honored:

Dr. Eddie Boyd Glenwood Haywood
Joe Morse SHORE-UP Inc.
Del. Rudy Cane American Legion

Hopefully, the organization's membership will increase, and the group will acquire some unselfish workers to address some of those issues Stephen mentioned in his presentation.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Political Krap

I understand the old FEMA Director was more concerned with the fashion statement he was making at the time he should have been more concerned with the people that were being devasted in New Orleans, during the recent hurricane.

Would you believe George Bush said he was doing a good job? ....and the rascal is still on the Government payroll as a consultant. Consultant to what?

Monday, October 24, 2005

Watch Out For Those Chain Letters and Warnings

I get many e-mails that are forwarded to me by my friends and acquaintances, as perhaps you do to. Sometimes these are chain letters, or just well intended warnings. Many times these warnings are false. If you want to know if an email about a warning is true or false, you can go to this website and determine its authenticity ---

The Christian Cry ----- or should I say Challenge

In an informal survey of fellow Christians, their number one concern was, the lack of contact they received from other Christians. The simple gesture of calling each other to see how each other was doing did not exist. One lady told me she has been a member of her church for over thirty years and no one from the church, (excluding the pastor) had ever called her to see how she was doing, or to talk about God's goodness.

In the book, "Adam Where Are You"? ...a call to Black Men, the book cites reasons Black Men would rather stay miles away from the church. The number reason was hypocracy within the church ---- we pretend to be what we are not, we talk one thing, but do another --- we pretend we care so much for the world, but we turn our backs those closest to us.

It's the simple things that has the greatest impact in the lives of others.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Urinate On Me and Tell Me It's Raining

I felt something wet on my head, and I assumed it was rain ---- but when I check closer it was Former Secretary of Education William Bennett urinating on me.

William Bennett was the Secretary of Education (I believe under Ronald Reagan). This fellow was instrumental in setting (through advise to the President), the Education Policy for this country. He is regarded as one of the key cornerstones of the Republican party. He's also written a book entitled, "The Book of Virtues". Do you know him? If you don't, good for you... Recently "Mr. Know It All", said, If you want to reduce crime, abort Black babies. ------ Oh, he's also a pro-lifer. These guys are getting bolder. What's the difference between this attitude and the attitude of groups who feel they are better than, and have exclusive rights to all that God has provided for everyone?

Local Television and Radio Stations

Our local radio and television stations will air stories about dogs and cats, ipods and Desparate Housewifes, but nothing on the Million More March ---- and to think we continue to be fed by this stuff daily.


It's amazing how we attribute maladies to countries outside of the USA. For e.g. Asian Flu, German measles, and Aides originating in African. Isn't possible that there is a well orchestrated attempt to paint our country as being flawless, at the expense of other countries.

I do not believe the efforts of supremist groups have died, they've only become more sophisticated, for i.e. the use of Anthrax, and the injecting of life defying serums into less valued human beings. When we were first introduced to HIV AIDS we were told homosexual white males suffered from this more than any other group of people. Today we are told its African-American females. What caused this shift, and why is it amongst a group of people not highly regarded by supremist groups.

See Million More March On C-Span

The Million More March will be aired on C-Span beginning at 8:30AM on Saturday October 15, 2005. Check it out. Tape it if you can. I taped the Million Man March 10 years ago, and from time to time I look at portions of it. I did not hear about the Million More March in Salisbury. I was in B-more a few months back and I was handed some literature on it as I walked down the street. A bus from this area will be going. The cost is $25. A newspaper reporter called me today wanting to find out if I was going. I told her no I was not going to be in attendance. I referred her to someone else. The Daily Times wanted to feature a story today about the March.

By the way on Saturday I will be at Senator Sarbanes (D) retirement luncheon.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Responding To Disaster On the Eastern Shore

The experts say that the Delmarva Peninsula is one of the top three places in the United State that if a natural disaster were to hit, it would reap havoc on individuals that live on the shore. The reasons for this are several fold, we live on a peninsula (surrounded by water on three sides) ; in certain areas on the shore we are below sea level; evacuation would be a hardship because most of us would have to evacuate by going over a bridge. Can you imagine thousands of people trying to leave the shore all at once.

....and what about folks without transportatation? One day we will be hit with a disaster. Let's start talking about this possibility and how we will address it when it happens. That day may come before this year ends.

Million More March --- This Weekend

The Million More March will be held this weekend -- Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is a 10th Year commemoration of the Million Man March. It will be held in Washington D.C. This year the event is a bit different than it was ten years ago. This year on Friday, African Americans are being encourage to stay away from work. This is an attempt to show the economic strength of the African American Community. On Saturday, families will gather at the mall to listen to speeches and songs, similar to ten years ago. This is intented to re-energize the efforts of strengthening families and our community. You may recall in Salisbury Ed Taylor was instrumental in forming the 100 Good Men organization. His efforts were inspired by the Million Man March. On Sunday families are being encouraged to attend church, synagogue, mosque etc. For those of you that will not be able to attend on Saturday, CSPAN will be airing the event. You may want to record it. For more information contact

Monday, October 10, 2005

First Announced Candidate for County Executive

Saw and heard we have our first announced candidate for the County Executive position. A gentleman by the name of Brian Kilgore (R). He is currently a member of the Board of Education. I heard he made this announcement on Friday of this past week. Something interesting I read ---- the Superintendent of Schools was also present? Can anyone verify this? Not a good idea, if true.

San Antonio Spurs In The Virgin Islands

The San Antonio Spurs are having basketball practice in St. Thomas. My daughter tells me that when their plane landed the police escort on the airport tarmac had more police cars than if a dignitary was visiting. Everywhere they go in the islands they are under heavy police escort. They are practicing in the islands because Tim Duncan wanted to return home. They are staying at the Ritz Carlton in St. Thomas. The local newspaper can be found at They have been carrying their visit daily, even to the point of showing Tim Duncan visiting his old girlfriend. Ammmmmaaaazing. I wonder if my home town folks can tell me who won the islands spelling bee contest last year.


Hello My Family and Friends;

I have decided to use the Internet and this blogging concept to share important information with you. This blog will consist of information that will affect the community and our lives. Information from around the world, state and community will be shared. Information mayl be of a spiritual, social, political nature, and or economical.

My primary intent will be to share information that helps to liberate the capture by equipping with information,