Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Literacy In 21st Century African American Communities

Dr. Kelli V. Randall, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of English at Salisbury State University, took time out of her schedule this weekend to join me in the Clear Channel newsroom and the Called2Action program to discuss the topic cited above.
Points covered, major misconception --- Slaves were illiterate. Dr. Randall substantiated that they were not. A number of Af. Am. writers came out of the 17th and 18th century.
A critical point, Dr. Randall shared, ...despite our progress in race relations in the 21st century...more sterotypical representations exist in Black literature. In my own words, our literacy may be "up", but we are reading more trash.
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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Upcoming Called2Action Programs

The following programs are scheduled for the respective weeks:

On Sunday February 24, 2008

Dr. Kelli Randall discusses the topic "Literacy In The Black Community Culture" Dr. Randall tells me our literacy rate is at an all time high, though we are reading more literature that may not be strengthening our education base.

On Sunday March 2, 2008 - Scheduled

Scheduled Topic - Community Activist Billy Gene Jackson joins me to discuss community organizing plus a number of different topics of interest to the African American community .

On Sunday March 9, 2008 - Scheduled

Only a couple of persons have flown solo around the world. Tonight's program will feature a 23 year old African America who flew 24, 500 miles around the world in a plan by himself. His name Barrington Irving.

On Sunday March 16, 2008 - African American women in politics and the challenges they confront from the community, balancing family life, etc.

In April 2008 (Date yet assigned) Dr. Claude Anderson, author of the book Powernomics and other books.

Also in April, Why are our Brothers Chasing White Women?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Church..An Emprisoner or A Liberator

The gang got together this weekend to discuss the African
American Church and its role in our lives -- a liberator or an emprisoner. Julius Thompson, (Pastor), --- inset, leaving Called2Action studio --Adhim Deveaux, (Community Activist) and Jimmy Dumas, (Author) joined me this week. A lively discussion was had. A few things came to my mind as we were in the midst of the program. What is the primary role of the church? Ans. To draw and people to Christ, and help to keep them there. As this evolves it causes people to do good works, i.e, feed poor, build homes, clothe others, teach about good health etc. The later does not lead to the former, the former leads to the later. Should we be critical that the church is not doing more in the community and in people's lives? or should we be critical that the church is not effective in achieving its fundamental purpose? Just a few of my thoughts and only my thoughts. Thank Julius, Adhim and Jimmy.
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Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Question Becomes, " Is Our Black Leaders Ready To Drop What Appears To Be Their Self-Centered Cloak Of Comfort"?

Potential Barack Omaba Delegate and Easton, Maryland Councilwoman Mooneye Jackson-Amis, (in-set) and Adhim Deveaux joined me in this past week end to discuss the topic, "Is America Ready for A Black Man In the White House"? A lively discussion was had with my guest and those persons calling in to the program. Essentially what came out of the program was that America is ready --- America as a whole ---- However it's surprising that some of our most highly visiable African America personalities may not be, i.e. Congressmen John Lewis, Charles Rangal, Andrew Young, Julian Bond, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Tavis Smiley, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson ---- well you get the idea. The question becomes are our African American Leaders ready for someone to reach higher achievements than they themselves have. As my guest Adhim mentioned, the light is now being shown on our African American Leaders. "Now we see what they are all about". I can't help but think, maybe that's why as a people we have not been able to achieve more ----- Self Centered Black Leaders ----- You think? Thanks Councilwoman Jackson-Amis and Community Activist Deveaux.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Is America Ready For A Black Man In the White House?

Upcoming on Sunday Feb. 10, 2008, the discussion on the Called2Action program will be, "Is America Ready for A Black Man in the White House"? It looks more likely to happen now than ever before. What do you think? Listen, call and share your views.