Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Church..An Emprisoner or A Liberator

The gang got together this weekend to discuss the African
American Church and its role in our lives -- a liberator or an emprisoner. Julius Thompson, (Pastor), --- inset, leaving Called2Action studio --Adhim Deveaux, (Community Activist) and Jimmy Dumas, (Author) joined me this week. A lively discussion was had. A few things came to my mind as we were in the midst of the program. What is the primary role of the church? Ans. To draw and people to Christ, and help to keep them there. As this evolves it causes people to do good works, i.e, feed poor, build homes, clothe others, teach about good health etc. The later does not lead to the former, the former leads to the later. Should we be critical that the church is not doing more in the community and in people's lives? or should we be critical that the church is not effective in achieving its fundamental purpose? Just a few of my thoughts and only my thoughts. Thank Julius, Adhim and Jimmy.
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