Monday, March 10, 2008

An Inspiring Presentation with Barrington Irving

One of the most touching and heart felt interviews I've had on the Called2Action program was this past week, with Barrington Irving. Barrington flew around the world in a single engine plane by himself. A few points that stuck with me from our conversation. He was inspired by a mentor -- a black pilot. First time seeing one. He was not able to get financial help from his own people, so he got help elsewhere. When he started on his flight he only had $30 in his pocket. He also said his next project will be having kids build a plane from scratch and he would fly it. When asked what motivated him to fly around the world, he said I had nothing to lose. Though I'm twice Barrington's age, and spend much of my time trying to inspire others, on this night I was inspired by young Barrington Irving.

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